Introvert Style New Year’s Resolutions from Introverts in the Know

With the miserable statistics about success with New Year’s Resolutions, really why would we want to bother with setting any? Satisticbrain has the skinny on them including, the percent of people who are successful in achieving their resolution, just 8%!

If there’s one thing I know about some introverts, not only are we drawn to research and statistics, but some of us like a challenge. We don’t want to go along with the 92%.

One of the things I love about introverts is that we communicate in succinct ways. That’s what you need to maintain your sanity if you want to set New Year’s Resolutions: specificity and clear intentions.

If setting and achieving resolutions is on your list this year, I’ve gathered some of the best tips from introvert specialists, introverts in the know. Read what 10 of them have to say are their suggestions or, even an “I resolve,” that they are considering for themselves.

Here you go with ideas for introvert style New Year’s resolutions.

I’d love to see more introverts shake off the stereotype that introverts aren’t social. What could be more social than using these classic introvert strengths: thinking before you speak, listening well, and focusing on meaningful conversations? What we mistakenly think of as “social” is the “having the gift of gab.” But who wants more chatter coming at them? With today’s information overload, the introvert style is IN!
– Val Nelson, Career & Business Coach, Ex-Wallflower, Proud Introvert,

Resolve to respect yourself more. Discount other people’s “shoulds” that feel wrong to you, and think hard about how to promote yourself in 2013 in ways that bring you joy rather than dread.
– Marcia Yudkin, Author, Marketing for Introverts (on Kindle and Nook),

Resolve to deliberately make one additional networking contact per week (or, if you’re really ambitious, per day – or any other increment that represents an increase in your current level of activity). Resolve to find ways to promote yourself at appropriate times, both in the job search (if relevant) and in your career
– Wendy Gelberg, Gentle Job Search,

When thinking about New Year’s resolutions, don’t go for something like “more multitasking” or “do more work.” Multitasking doesn’t really work and getting more work done can be rather meaningless. Use your introvert powers of focus and concentration to think clearly and strategically. Work with your strengths and resist the urge to shoot for extrovert-centric behavior.
– Susan Steele created Quietly Fabulous, a blog celebrating introverts and introversion. She helps quiet people share their fabulousness via digital media. Follow Susan on Twitter or like Quietly Fabulous on Facebook!

Discover the Secrets of Introvert Happiness and Success this year by resolving to be 100% Your Authentic Self this year. Honor the unique and special gifts only available to introverts. You’ll radiate a consistent confidence that spontaneously attracts ideal opportunities and resources when you stop trying to imitate the role models provided by extroverts.
– Doris Helge, Ph.D.,

I would say my New Year’s Introvert Resolution is to be true to myself. That means accepting my introversion and working around it, both in terms of getting alone time to recharge my batteries, but also not apologising for seeing to my introvert needs.
– Alistair Miller, Career Coach Specialising In Introverts,

Introverts are blessed with the unique gifts of strong intuition and introspection. Interestingly, 2013 is Year of the Snake which represents the enigmatic, intuitive, introspective and refined nature of all the animal signs. This is your year to shine, using your insightful, confident and well-thought out voices.
–  Christian Marie Herron, Founder, Introvert Ideal,

Introverts don’t like to brag or draw attention to themselves. This can be a problem if I’m trying to promote my business. I resolve to get more clients testimonials so they are speaking for me and I’m not bragging. When I have to talk about what I do, I will focus more on how I can solve my client’s problems through the services I provide.
– Marcia Donaldson, Introvert Business Success Coach,

Resolved: I will focus on what introversion is, not what it isn’t. I won’t define myself, or let others define me, by what I “lack.” I will embrace the gifts and strengths of an introverted bent, exhilarate in creative silence, and offer a listening ear to those who aren’t accustomed to being truly heard.
– Adam McHugh, author Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture found on Amazon.

Let your quiet star twinkle. Pick one way to increase your visibility in the New Year (e.g., writing for publication; asking for testimonials on LinkedIn) and determine small, concrete steps to help you get there. Embrace your pace. Life is not a race. Set an achievable stretch goal for yourself (e.g., honing your public speaking skills) and enjoy the journey rather than worrying who is getting ahead of you or where you “should” be at any point.
– Nancy Ancowitz, Business Communication Coach and Author, Self-Promotion for Introverts(R): The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead,

Will you be making resolutions this year? What will you do to be sure you don’t fall into the 92% who give up?

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  1. I do not make new year resolutions per say. However, I am planning for 2013 so that my goals can be achieved more easily. I like some of the ideas that you have noted, like making a new contact each week. That would be awesome. 🙂
    Geek Girl recently posted…Snapguide for iPhone & iPadMy Profile

  2. Martin Casper says

    I am in the 8%. I make a simple resolution each year…”I choose not to make any NY’s resolutions”. I do this for a reason. I would rather spend time and energy revitalizing my marketing plans and strategic goals for the coming year…a better us of my time;). Thanks for this great post!

  3. Being a 100% my authentic self is something I struggle with. Why? Because I try too hard to please and help everyone leaving little of me left over. So to make a resolution to balance that out in 2013, for me, would be a very worthy endeavor. I wish both of us the very best in striving to let our “quiet star twinkle” in the New Year. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted…A Holiday Table: Story/MusingMy Profile

  4. I tend not to make NY resolutions as I’m not very good at sticking to them however I do focus on planning what I want to achieve in the coming year.

    Interesting and good information though

    Mark Walsh recently posted…Discover How to Produce MLM Network Marketing LeadsMy Profile

  5. I’m right with you Geek Girl. I’ve gone from resolutions, to goals, to intentions and last year I just had a mantra. I’m going with another mantra this year.


  6. Good idea Martin. Like the idea of “revitalizing” those living plans for marketing!

  7. Susan, I gave up trying to please everyone years ago. A speaker mentor was able to put things into perspective for me. Shine lady shine!

  8. Jim, I’ve always found it easier to go forward with my strengths than to try to strengthen my weaknesses. Thanks!

  9. Mark, I’d say planning IS what it is more about. Thanks!

  10. Good message. I agree “Introverts are blessed with the unique gifts of strong intuition and introspection.” As introverts we should focus on our strengths.


  11. Hello Patweber,
    The only thing that is still giving me courage to move on is my spirit of never giving up. being your self is the key to move on. thanks

  12. Babanature, then SPIRIT for courage it is! Trust in your dream in 2013. And thanks so much for commenting.

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